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By far the worst experience i had with a furniture shop. We ordered a sofa wich took around 13 weeks to arrive. We insisted several time thst the otoman needs to be on the right side(we draw even a sketch in the contract) otherwise it is not fitting in our living room. And surprise it arrives of course on the wrong side and the nightmare begins. We called immediately because we have no place for 2 sofas in the living room and we needed a pickup qsap. Little did I know... It s been almost 3 weeks, the sofa is still in the living room, they just ping pong the fault of the wrong order in between departments and/or producer. We needed to call literally everyday, several times per day just to clarify that is the wrong sofa requesting everytime new pictures even if it was compleatly clear already from the first one that it is the wrong side. Is never the right department when you call so they always say someone will call us immediately which they never do. We were not even insisting at this point on when the right sofa will arrive but to just come and pick the wrong one. 3 weeks just to get to the point to get an appointment to pick up their wrong order and we still could not get a commitment, this is outrageous. So much incompetence I never seen in my entire life. Customer service inexistant. For the amount of money we poured into this company I m expecting an outstanding and fast customer service. Enough is enough, today we will call again(because of course they will not go to the trouble to ever call once) and ask for a refund and cancel the whole process. If you can, just stay away from this company. It is not worth all the trouble, your patience and time.