Kunde "SwissDan" schreibt folgende Bewertung:

 Horrible experience. Tires presented as deliverable at a certain date. They were not delivered I complained and asked for cancellation given that they were "being ordered from a supplier in Germany". My request for cancellation was turned down and all of a sudden I received invoice and indication that the tires were ready for delivery by parcel service. Given that the parcel service was not picking them up, again I requested cancellation as the tires were still with them. Not possible. Not very German, not compliant with consumer rights here in Switzerland or in the EU. 

Händler "" schreibt:

 Dear customer,
thanks for your feedback. Contrary your statement, the tires had to be ordered for you. The delivery time for this is around 7 days. During this time we handed over the goods to the parcel service. At point of your cancellation, the tires were already loaded so that cancellation was no longer possible. If you no longer need the tires, please reject them. The credit note will be issued immediately after the return to our warehouse.
Best regards, Nanette from