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Kunde "KaercherStoreKunde_582496" schreibt folgende Bewertung:

 One of the two yellow clips of the tube was detached. I am lucky it was not broken, so I did attach it again. I am sure that it is not caused by the shipping. The box was not damaged. My conclusion is that there is no enough attension payed on the dispatch.
This is not a 45 euro tube!

Händler "KÄRCHER Store Schreiber" schreibt:

 Dera customer,

we regret, that the goods did not arrive in proper condition. As we understand your comment correctly, you managed to fix that issue. If there is any problem with the tube - please let us know, so that we can take care of it.

We will forward this claim to our logistic department to check the packaging of this item.

Your opinion, that the price of this tube is quite high, we can understand very well. Unfortunately, we do not have direct influence on the pricing, which is done by the manufacturer. We offer this item with a discount in our webshop.