Kunde "Peter" schreibt folgende Bewertung:

 I bought 10 boxes with mango and 6 boxes was fresh. That included 5 boxes with mango alphonso: 4 boxes alphonso was ruined and mango alphonso was fresh.

In my opinion seller to sent mango from older delivery and one box from new delivery. He sold out old mango to costumer, taken money and can't explain why 4 from 5 boxes mango alphonso are broken. 5 boxes with one mango variety should be ruined if is high temperature.

In my opinion that is very dishonest behaviour persons from store. Very greedy. Staff from store don't write own name in messages. Avoid at all.

I'v got pictures ruined mango.

Händler "Indische-Lebensmittel-Online" schreibt:

 Dear Sir or Madam,
Unfortunately you failed to write that we contacted you before the dispatch that sending fruits (a item which can spoil quickly as mentioned in our website and our email we wrote to you before dispatching) to a different country is a high risk, specially during the high temperatures. You agreed to the risk and the items were shipped only with your consent. You dont understand that fruits ripen differently. Also you failed to mention that we sent you less mangoes than ordered because we did not have enough boxes which were suitable for shipping and made you a refund the same day we shipped the order out. Rather then you call us greedy and dishonest. You understood the risks which were mentioned on our website and also agreed on the risks via Email before we even sent the parcel to Poland.

It was your responsibility but you try to talk your way out of it and blame us. We cannot do more than contact you beforehand and inform you about the risks (which is not our responsibility). You could have simply disagreed to the risk and cancelled the order.

We are completely sold out every week and have no old goods that we could have sent.