Kunde "Bas" schreibt folgende Bewertung:

 I bought a computer from HIQ in Juli 2014. First time they shipped it the product was not even built properly. Second time it was damaged in the mail because they ''forgot'' to tighten the screw on the video card (it destroyed almost all internal parts).

I have been waiting on my refund since september. the first time I asked for repairs they were almost unavailable. Barely responding to mails. Since december I have not received any mails from them.

My computer has arrived at their company on the 20th of december yet a month later I still have no refund nor a reply.

they would also refund my shipping costs since the first problems. Well I have not seen any refunds yet.

And yes! I am the same guy called Bas from the previous negative feedback and my problem is still not solved!! It actually got worse.