Jack Sparrow


Kunde "Jack Sparrow" schreibt folgende Bewertung:

 I thought it was a good idea to join the "Kulinarische Schnitzeljagd" with friends to learn about local food places. Didn't work. The different locatios are spread all over the city and tricky to get to. Some smaller places were completely overwhelmed with the crowd. We had to make sure to keep distance, since we had to take off masks. One or another place might be interesting, the tour is disapointing though. Too many people and long waiting times, aren't worth the effort. 

Händler "kulinarische-schnitzeljagd.de" schreibt:

 Dear Jack Sparrow (real name?), The idea behind the "Kulinarische Schnitzeljagd" is that you get to know the city. Therefore the location HAVE TO BE all over the city. That is the point! In advance you get the Google Map where to find the stores.
I really do not understand, why you give us 1 Star when it is obvious, that you did not understand what you take part in.