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 I still did not recieve my order. Following my order comment the order was not delivered at the optic shop next door and was not put in the garage at the back of the property. There was also no note in the mailbox. Nobody contacted me to give me my order. Can it have been delivered somewhere else? A post office point? Please find my order. It is getting urgent. Thank you. Kind Regards Wim De Vriendt  

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 Your ordered your items on November 5, some of those items were not in stock like it was shown on the website. Your parcel was shipped on November 14 and according to the DHL tracking you (or somebody) signed for the parcel on November 19. If this is not the case then we have to initiate an investigation because in this case maybe someone signed in your name or the delivery person made a mistake, we can't tell from a distance. We sent you an email about the next steps.  

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